Feb 28, 2012

Hirst Arts

Last year I discovered Hirst Arts molds, and the nerd crafter in me cried out in joy :-) Many years ago I played tabletop miniature based wargames, and I enjoyed painting the figures and building terrain almost as much as playing the games!  While I don't wargame any more (I'm too cheap to get back into the hobby) I do play in a number of regular pen and paper rpg games, and cool terrain can always add an interesting element to battle scenes.

I bought a couple of Hirst molds with no clear idea of what I wanted to build. So then I bought more :-) My plan now is to build some modular dungeon pieces that can be put together in almost any configuration to match what is needed, and maybe a few buildings for outdoor or village scenes.

I curently own:
#70 Fieldstone Wall Mold
#71 Fieldstone Accessories Mold
#73 6" Round Fieldstone Mold
#77 Fieldstone Octagon Mold
#260 Flagstone Floor Tile Mold

One of my gamer friends has a few molds I don't have, so we have traded a few for a month or so.  I borrowed #281 Cavern Floor Mold and #282 Cavern Floor Accessories, and I really like how different they are from my fieldstone molds...

I am already planning my next purchase (will be sharing an order with the above mentioned gamer friend to save on shipping).  I know for sure I want to get #85 Cavern Accessory Mold because of all the useful things you can make with it - barrels, crates, chests, crystals...so many cool things!!  But what else to get?! Should I stick with the fieldstone line and maybe get a different building? Or expand into another line? So tempted!

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